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Glow In The Dark Acrylic - 1/8" (3mm)

  • Model:: A0-SP-02-1.8
  • Availability: In Stock

Type:Cast acrylic
GF (Glowforge) Size: ~11.75" x 19"
Half Size:~11.75" x 9.5"
Style:Glow in the dark
Thickness:1/8" (3mm)
Thickness Tolerance:± 15%
Surface Finish:Glossy both sides
Masking:Paper masked both sides
No PVC:Safe to laser and CNC

** Note: The pictures are for reference only. Colors will vary on the actual product.

** Glow in the dark acrylic will need to be "recharged" with light. Glow time will depend on the amount of light and the type of light the acrylic absorbed.

** Important step to avoid heat stress/burning/black marks/discoloration at connecting points for ANY acrylic: ROUND THE CORNERS IN YOUR DESIGN!!! You don't need to round it a lot but a little will help tremendously so the laser beam doesn't stay at one spot for too long when making the turn. This will apply to the Glow In The Dark acrylic as well!

** To get the best results, cut at a slower speed with lower power. This will ensure your laser is moving at a constant speed throughout the cut and especially at the corners.

The settings below are only suggested. Please cut them with autofocus, and Set Focus, and always pin your material down. Please make sure to do a test cut first before cutting your entire project.

GF Pro/Plus 45W: Speed 130/ Power 75. If it doesn't cut, slow the speed down by 10.

GF Basic/Plus 40W: Speed 120/Power 75. If it doesn't cut, slow the speed down by 10.

Available Option:

3M 300LSE backed = white masking (front) + 3M 300LSE (back)

Warning: California residents please see Proposition 65.
Caution: Products can catch fire. Please do not leave your machine unattended.