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Who's WAI?


Just like the statement above emphasized, we're a husband and wife team (+toddlers) striving to provide safe and quality supplies: woods, acrylics, and infinite other supplies, for your laser needs. As proud owners of Glowforges, we understand the need to have quality products and great customer support for your projects. We're here because WE CARE!!!

At WAI Supplies LLC, we strongly believe that our family, friends, and customers' health and well-being should be our top priority! A positive and healthy mind is a key to success. As a result, we are proud to only offer acrylics that are PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) FREE and woods that are Formaldehyde FREE! Can you guess the reason why? It's because WE CARE!!!

At WAI Supplies LLC, we would love to see everyone's projects made with our products! You're definitely welcome to post pictures of (and brag about) your beautiful creations in our Facebook group, or tag us in your Instagram! If you need some inspiration, please feel free to join our group! Together, we can help each other be successful. And your success is our success!

Now, here's a pop quiz for you: Do you know what does WAI stands for?

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