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Material:Extruded acrylic Glowforge Size: ~11.75" x 19" Pattern:Rosy rose Surface Finish:Metallic and textured Masking:Paper masked both sides ** Note: The pictures above are for reference only. Colors will be different across monitors and screens. ** When the "Cut In Half (Laser Cut)" option is selected, the GF size sheet will be cut in half with a laser and you will get 2 half sheets.Introducing our uniWAI's new and one-of-a-kind product line, the colorSENSE collection. With an eye-catching, metallic look and texturizing feel, our colorSENSE products will bring you a unique touch and many more inspirations to come. Pictures and videos cannot capture the real colors and beauty of these sheets. Please see the video in the video tab for a different perspective."Stand Out. Make a Statement. Inspired."The colorSENSE products will not be ideal for intricate cuts or small designs less than 1/2" in diame..