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Grade: A1 Material:White birch veneers with MDF core Glowforge Size: ~11.75" x 19" Thickness:Commonly known as 1/8" but it is 5/32" Formaldehyde:This product contains no added formaldehyde ** Note: The pictures above are for reference only. Colors will be different across monitors and screens. Each sheet is unique with its own grains and variations in the veneers used to make the plywoods. The veneers on both sides might not be the same color as they can come from different parts of the same tree or even different trees.** We only carry the highest grade for our plywoods. As with any other woods, plywoods will tend to bow and warp with a change in humidity. This is normal. Please make sure to pin down your materials when cutting to ensure cutting through. Please store them flat with weight on top.Offering at a discount, our misfits (known as WAI-X) are sheets that are having some kinds of de..
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