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uniWAI Love 001 Pattern colorSHIFT

  • Model:: PCS-LV-001
  • Availability: In Stock
Type:Cast acrylic
GF (Glowforge) Size: ~11.75" x 19"
Half Size:~11.75" x 9.5"
Thickness:1/16" (1.5mm), 1/8" (3mm), or 1/4" (6mm)
Thickness Tolerance:± 25%
Masking:Paper masked both sides

"Stand Out. Make a Statement. Inspired."

** Note: The pictures above are for reference only. Colors will be different across monitors and screens.

** All uniWAI patterned sheets are made to order. Please allow 2-3 additional business days for processing.

** When the "Cut In Half (Laser Cut)" option is selected, the GF (Glowforge) size sheet will be cut in half with a laser, and you will get 2 half sheets.

** Even though we did try our best to create a perfect product, the back side (non-colorSHIFT side) might show some bubbles or scratches. This is how the materials were manufactured and is out of our control. Therefore, 1-sided colorSHIFT acrylics are intended to be used as 1 side only.

** For indoor use only.

The Pattern colorSHIFT products will not be ideal for intricate cuts or small designs less than 1/2" in diameter.

Pattern Option:

1-Sided = Patterns will be printed on one side. The other side will show the core material color. The printed areas will be matte.

2-Sided = Patterns will be printed on both sides. The printed areas will be matte.

3M 300LSE Backed = Patterns will be printed on one side. The back side will have 3M 300LSE double-sided tape. The printed areas will be matte.

Warning: California residents please see Proposition 65.
Caution: Products can catch fire. Please do not leave your machine unattended.