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Holographic Purple Hearts Glitter Acrylic - 1/8" (3mm) *READ DESCRIPTION*

  • Model:: A0-GL-CL5-1.8
  • Availability: In Stock

$18.48 $22.98
Type:Cast acrylic
GF (Glowforge) Size: ~11.75" x 19"
Cut In Half Size: 2 sheets of ~11.75" x 9.5"
Color:Holographic purple hearts
Glitter:2 sides
Thickness:1/8" (3mm)
Thickness Tolerance:± 15%
Surface Finish:Glossy both sides
Masking:Film masked both sides

** IMPORTANT: The acrylic in this listing will come with a film masking and is being sold as-is at a discounted price (please continue to read below for more info). This product is not discontinued but it is a final sale and returns will not be accepted. The film masking can be cut with a laser but if you prefer paper masking, please replace it with your favorite brand!

You asked. We listened. If you've gotten our products from day one, you might have noticed that we do not sell anything with film masking, including mirror acrylics. Anything that came with a film masking (and even paper masking on the specialty sheets), was time consumingly peeled, rigorously checked for defects, and replaced with our premium paper masking in order to get you the best quality products.

Over time, we have been asked by many of our customers for a cost-saving way on the beautiful and one-of-a-kind specialty sheets. In order for us to pass the savings to you, we will have to sell the sheets in their original state: the film masking, and if you buy in multiples of 5, you'll save even more! By leaving the film masking on the acrylic sheets instead of the paper masking, our customers would be able to appreciate the uniqueness, immerse in its true beauty, and plan their designs accordingly!

** Note: The pictures above are for reference only. Color will be different across monitors and screens.  Each sheet is unique with the actual patterns in the acrylics. Patterns and colors will vary on the actual product and no 2 sheets are alike.

** When the "Cut In Half (Laser Cut)" option is selected, the GF (Glowforge) size sheet will be cut in half with a laser and you will get 2 half sheets.

Warning: California residents please see Proposition 65 .

Caution: Products can catch fire. Please do not leave your machine unattended.