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WAI's Standards

At WAI, we are striving to bring you not only high-quality products but ultimately the PREMIUM QUALITY that you cannot find elsewhere. All acrylics originally either come with the standard brown paper masking or the film masking. The main problem with those maskings is that you cannot see the defects underneath when you purchased the sheet. Those defects are very common and are unavoidable in acrylics due to the manufacturing and casting process. Nothing is more frustrating and time-consuming than finding those defects on your project after it has been cut or engraved.

In order to bring you the PREMIUM products, our goal is to eliminate those defects as much as possible, with the grading system that we strictly follow. How is it being done? You might ask.

The process is simple but very time-consuming and labor-intensive. We remove the original masking (brown paper or film) and inspect each sheet one by one. Defects such as contaminations, dusts, bubbles, indents, fish scales, etc., on the sheet that are bigger than 0.6mm in diameter are eliminated**. Light surface scratches are considered normal, but not anything deep or long. After we’ve done inspecting, we mask the acrylics with the PREMIUM white paper masking, which has less wax comparing to the brown paper masking. We’ve had great reviews for the white masking from our customers because it adheres better, reduces flare-up, doesn’t stain the engravings, and it doesn’t fuse into the acrylics like the film masking.

(Did we mention that the white paper masking will make you happier?)

**The acrylics are saw cut so minor chippings along the edges and corners can and will occur.