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"Opaque" White 1 Acrylic - 1/8" (3mm)

  • Model:: A0-TC-WH3-1.8
  • Availability: In Stock

Type:Cast acrylic
GF (Glowforge) Size: ~11.75" x 19"
Half Size:~11.75" x 9.5"
Color:White (brightest white)
Thickness:1/8" (3mm)
Thickness Tolerance:± 15%
Surface Finish:Glossy both sides
Masking:Paper masked both sides
No PVC:Safe to laser and CNC

** Note: The pictures above are for reference only. Color will be different across monitors and screens.

Our customers have been wanting the whitest white for their sublimation projects. This "Opaque" White 1 is a little whiter than the original "Opaque" White. This is a special order color, and we're still testing out this color for our sublimation community to see if it will improve their sublimated image.

Available Option:

Premium Masking = white masking (each sheet is inspected according to WAI's Standards)

3M 300LSE backed = white masking (front) + 3M 300LSE (back)

Brown Masking = standard brown paper masking

** If we are out of the brown masking at the time of fulfilling your order (and if you selected the brown masking option when your order is placed), we will send you one with the white masking at no additional charge.

Warning: California residents please see Proposition 65.
Caution: Products can catch fire. Please do not leave your machine unattended.